HTML5 Fast Forward
Gad Alon Auditorium, Shenkar College, 12th Ana Frank St., Ramat-Gan.
Sunday, February 26th 2017, 1800-2200
This mini conference focuses on some of the newest HTML5 APIs, that provide us with a better access to the hardware capabilities and assist us with the development of websites and hybrid applications for mobile devices.
The emergence of these new APIs side by side with the evolution of JavaScript based IoT platforms plays an important role in the evolution of the IoT domain.
Conference Main Topics

Learning how to use the gyroscope is not difficult. We will learn how to write code in JavaScript that uses this sensor and we will overview the practical aspects of using it in web applications we develop.
Ran Br Zik

We will learn the basics of the underlying bluetooth low energy technology, and cover the various web bluetooth APIs. We will conclude with a live demo in which we will control a smart light bulb and a cute 3D printed Robot, directly from a web page.
Uri Shaked
Battery Status

We will learn how to use the Battery API and write code in JavaScript for getting information about the battery. We will overview practical aspects we can implement using this capability.
Ynon Perek

Page Visibility

The Page Visibility API allows us to know when a webpage is visible or in focus. Using this API it is possible to know whether the page is in the background in order to pause and resumes when the page returns to be on screen.
Ynon Perek

Learning what is NFC? What are the differences between NFC and QR code? what is NDEF data? Which types of NFC devices do we have? The session will include a practical demo for using NFC in JavaScript.
Ronny Sherer

Ran Bar-Zik is a senior web developer in AOL. He is a well known blogger, who runs the website, and a well known speaker who speaks in conferences all over the world. Ran is a long distance runner and father of four.
Uri Shaked is a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies. He regulary writes about Web and IoT related technologies in his medium blog, and speaks about these topics in conferences and meetup around the world. Among his interests are reverse engineering, hardware hacking, building 3d-printed robots and games, playing music and Salsa dancing.
Yinon Perek is a freelance instructor and consultant for web technologies. Ynon is the founder of ToCode, a blended learning solution for developers and IT companies.
Entrepreneur, programmer, consultant and a teacher. Ex R&D manager of 3 startups. Teaching programming since he was 17 years old. Teaching web and C/C++ technologies in Experis-Software for the last 2 years. Co-owner of
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